(Study) Tampons Reveal Cancer-Causing Substances & Toxins

(Study) Tampons Reveal Cancer-Causing Substances & Toxins

(Study) Tampons Reveal Cancer-Causing Substances & Toxins


Hormonal imbalances are on a continuum amongst women and their health. When analyzing potential harmful environmental exposures to various commercial products, we knew that tampons are important to delve deeper. Since tampons are inserted into the female body and can directly affect the female reproductive system, we decided to do more research into it.

The article by Women’s Voice For The Earth (WVE) completed an independent, non-profit product testing that disclosed various chemicals in tampons.

The WVE compared different tampons purchased from various drugstores including mainstream, organic and dollar store brands.

Their conclusion was that they detected carbon disulfide, a known reproductive toxin, in all 4 brands that contained rayon. It was not detected in the cotton brands. Other known chemical compounds were found that include: toluene and xylene as well as a known carcinogen, methylene chloride. (Note that methylene chloride is commonly found in paint strippers). Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are not labeled by the manufacturers and companies do not display any warnings.

The article states, “These new results add to the growing body of evidence reaffirming that we need to know more, not less, about the ingredients in period products,” said Scranton. “Millions use menstrual products on a monthly basis. It is unacceptable that there are so many unknowns about the ingredients, safety, and health impacts of products that come into contact with one of the most sensitive and absorbent parts of the body.”

You can read the full article here: FULL ARTICLE.

Many of the guidelines imposed by the FDA on tampon regulation only “recommend” various instructions and are not closely regulated before feminine hygiene products hit the shelves. You can read more about the FDA recommendations here.

The purpose of this article is to educate you against falling into marketing and convenience. Although sometimes we only have one option (which is okay!), being mindful of potential reproductive disruption is a great first step to achieving optimal health and re-balancing your hormones.

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