Summer Essentials (Cooking, motherhood and lifestyle)

Summer Essentials (Cooking, motherhood and lifestyle)

It’s summertime and that means all the things light, bright, convenient and of course..healthy, right? Well, maybe. I’m here to show you some of my fav swaps for your typical summer must-have’s. I made this summer essential list to include everything that can make a women’s life smoother and stylish while cooking, being a mom and all things lifestyle.

Kitchen + Eating

I had to start this summer essentials list in the kitchen and around found. This is where we spend most of our time. Whether trying to meal prep smarter, serving meals or hosting friends this summer, here are some favs!

Have you tried stainless steel metal straws ? We use them for every smoothie! Not only more environmentally friendly, it’s a great swap to decrease your personal use of plastics. They include brushes to clean the inside!

Not sure about you, but we love to host our family and good friends at our house. With that comes all the pretty serving dishes..right? I absolutely love these re-usable palm leaf plate set for serving guests. It’s super boho and trendy and much more sturdy than basic throw-away flimsy plates.

I actually just tried pre-cut parchment paper for the first time a short while back. I’ll be honest, something else to simplify your life and to make life smoother with kids and being a mompreneur, I will take it. I highly recommend trying and seeing for yourself!

I use these glass jars as our main drinking glasses. The 16-oz are great since most drinking glasses are just 8 oz. I find it helps myself (and my clients) drink more water throughout the day – and fill up less.

Kitchen Organization

Pantry organization, anyone? Since we moved, I haven’t attacked the pantry yet. I have the exact idea and method of organization I want but well hello 2 under 2 and mompreneur. These clear bins give such a clean look, can tell you exactly what you have in them and are such as great assortment for tackling your pantry (or anything that needs some organization help). I put this in the summer essentials blog post because it’s the best time to get organized and de-clutter, and normally the time with the most self-motivation to get at it. Plus with kids home chances are you’ll find them in the pantry more than the fridge for snack time.


Hostess gifts? If you’re heading to cookouts or summer day-parties and looking for a nice gift to you have it. Charcuterie boards are one of my favourite things to make especially when having guests over. It’s really nice to have a special serving plate and I am loving this marble and brass tray!

Kids + Babies in the Kitchen

Speaking of essentials, I’ve been using food cutter shapes to make eating more fun for my toddler. They make eating those healthy (but not so appetizing) foods more aesthetically appealing like veggies, fruits and sandwiches! I love this bamboo plate set for my son – we’ve been using them since day 1 of eating solids. They’re super durable, clean easily, eco-friendly and colorful!

Living + Decor

Since we moved, I have absolutely been loving to finally add some style! These are the pillows I purchased for our family room. I bought the pillow cases and used my own pillows. Super modern yet a nice, warm vibe. If you don’t recall, I’m from Toronto – super city girl originally. For a nice modern vibe on your balcony, I love the look of these chairs. Add some pillows to the chairs, a candle and a plant and it’s perfect yet simple!

Who else loves sitting outside under a summer moon…until the mosquito’s and bugs start getting at you? Ugh, horrible! These candles are made with soy and are natural (use citronella oil) to get those mosquito’s away. I’ve added them to our porch instead of using a lantern because I personally love candles! This would make for a great gift too – it’s one of those things easily forgotten about yet super appreciative when received!

If you haven’t experienced an Alexa – oh my.. I’m all about simplifying motherhood and Alexa at least helps with the little things. Read up on what she can do for you here! I have heard so many amazing things as well from other mom’s and friends who use Alexa in their home.

I love greenery in the house. I can’t say I have a green thumb (yet) but I love plants. This look is my favorite type of potter that is an awesome and inexpensive Amazon find. I have potters of the exact same style, but with a black base and white pot.

Mom + Kids

Skin + Face Care

First and most importantly, natural sunscreen. I’ve been using this one for the past 2 years. You don’t need a lot because it’s thicker – more like a shea-butter textured cream. I rub it in really well and it lasts. It’s the best natural brand that I’ve used and liked so far.

Let’s talk face and make up. Many of you know (or can tell from my social media) that I barely wear makeup on a day to day basis. Other than the basic mascara and then I alternate between a tinted moisturizer or bronzer. I’ve been using this tinted moisturizer for the past 3 years or so – SPF, great for sensitive skin and goes on like a light cream. Especially during the hot Southern months I do not like anything thick on my face. If you’re prone to acne or have sensitive skin, this would be a good option to try. It does not have full coverage, so if you’re looking for something to cover up dark spots, this might not be the best option for you. It is good with uneven skin tones.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Blankets

Ok, so I know these are swaddles, but they are the softest and largest swaddle blankets I’ve used. I started getting them when I had my son and bought them again for when I had my daughter. I can honestly tell you I’ve barely used them as a swaddle. Instead, I use them as a light scarf, thin summer blanket for the kids or a blanket to lay on the grass in the summer for my baby girl! If you’re expecting, these blankets are a must-add to your registry. But also, if you don’t have kids or they’re grown, I still recommend getting some neutral-colored ones and keep them in your car for emergencies! They are so amazing!


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