How Stubborn Abdominal Fat Is Triggered By Stress (Study)

How Stubborn Abdominal Fat Is Triggered By Stress (Study)

 How Stubborn Abdominal Fat Is Triggered By Stress

How Individual Approaches Can Improve Belly Fat:

Stubborn abdominal fat in women is a great concern our clients initially come and see us. The programs we deliver are non-invasive and realistic. So, although it may take longer for a client to achieve their goals, they ultimately “cure” the metabolic dysfunction (known as “Metabolic Syndrome”) and practice realistic measures that work best for them. You can request a free consultation here *Get my free consultation.*

Understanding The Cause:

It’s important to understand the connection between hormonal issues and stubborn mid-section weight (aka belly fat). Often there are alternate potential causes in addition to stress that result in stubborn belly fat . Only once other identified triggers and potential causes are improved in correspondence with improving cortisol levels, we start to see belly fat shed off.

Keep in mind that the goal isn’t to have visible abs. The goal is to identify where you hold weight. And, if you are not losing inches around your waistline and are perhaps elsewhere it’s important to get down to the root cause of the issue. Commonly we hear: “Why am I holding belly fat? I’m doing everything right.”

Clinical Study:

A clinical study by the Journal of Obesity was published in 2011 to show the connection of how practicing mindfulness can reduce cortisol levels and abdominal fat among overweight and obese women. In the study 47 overweight women were assigned to a 4-month intervention. The participants’ cortisol levels were monitored during the program and in addition, their psychological distress, eating behaviour, weight, mindfulness and abdominal fat pre- and post-treatment. The proof of the study showed that mindfulness training demonstrated a promise for improving eating patterns and cortisol levels which may reduce abdominal fat over time.

Article: “Mindfulness Intervention for Stress Eating to Reduce Cortisol and Abdominal Fat among Overweight and Obese Women: An Exploratory Randomized Controlled Study.” 2011. Jennifer Daubenmier.

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