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Common Issues and Chronic Symptoms Clients May Have

Hormonal Issues


Period Irregularities



Hashimoto's Thyroiditis


Adrenal Fatigue


Intolerances and Sensitivities

Skin Issues

Frequently Asked questions

I don't see my health issues listed, can you still help?

Please fill out the form below and schedule a consultation. From there, we can assess your health needs and ensure they are properly met.

Can you treat my health issues?

No. Our practitioner is a registered nutritionist who provides recommendations to help you on your health journey, given the issues and symptoms you may be facing on a regular basis. You should always discuss your health with your primary care physician.

What happens in a consultation and how much do they cost?

Phone consultations are free. They are a complementary part of our Clinic so we can get to know you and make sure this is the best fit for you! They last about 15 minutes and are an opportunity for you to share your health journey this far and the issues you are experiencing. Our practitioner will provide an action plan to help guide you moving forward before booking your appointment.

How much are appointments?

An initial appointment is $225. This is a baseline investment that can shift depending what length of a program you are moving forward with. Length can be determined with our practitioner during your consultation.

What should I expect when booking an appointment?

After your free consultation, you will receive our intake forms sent straight to your email address provided. You will need to fill them out and return them. Within 2-3 business days, you will hear from our practitioner with your program. From there, you will set up another phone call to go over your program, ask questions and book your follow-up.

How can a practitioner help me after the appointment?

After the appointment, you will receive everything you need moving forward. However, as the body changes, nutritional needs sometimes change too. As you feel better, modifications can be made or re-assessed. We offer monthly programs that allow our practitioner to make changes, speak directly with you on a bi-weekly basis and answer your questions. Most of our clients love the monthly options because of the accountability and ongoing support. You can learn more about this option during your appointment.

What type of program will I receive?

Your program will include a full spectrum of dietary and nutritional needs, supplement suggestions to support your health issues, lifestyle management techniques and recommendations to make this approach sustainable for yourself, long-term. Program duration and follow up recommendations will be made by the practitioner at your appointment.

Speak With Our PRactitioner


Our holistic model

We believe in focusing on the whole body as one: the mind, body and spirit as a means of overcoming illness and preventing illnesses to (re)occur.

We help you create a sustainable approach when it comes to tackling your health and overcoming health issues.
This individualized approach consists of everything you need to succeed - and sustain it.

What you will learn

Nutrition and Dietary needs

Decrease inflammation, support your body systems and receive a detailed list of dietary recommendations to help you.

Lifestyle and Support

A personalized approach that digs deep into your lifestyle. You will begin making small changes that will help you on your healing journey with ongoing support.


Supplement recommendations will be made to excel your health forward. Lab review and our intake forms will help us make the most suitable suggestions for you. Learn what's best for you.


With our holistic approach, you will learn how to make realistic and sustainable changes in your every day life. Our practitioner will be there every step of the way!

What Our Clients Are Saying

CE Wellness has helped with suggestions on what to eat for my thyroid issues and dove deeper to find out how to help with those issues. My stomach has been my biggest obstacle for the past 15 years and she helped heal my gut which I didn’t think was possible. 


Lisa H.
Charlotte, NC

I have had issues with my stomach and was diagnosed with microscopic colitis. I worked with CE Wellness on diet and nutrition for the past 3 months. I feel absolutely amazing with no flare ups!


Charlotte, NC



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