Our memberships are everything you need to get your wellness and life on track and get the results you strive for. We have an interactive and supportive membership program that offers everything you need to succeed (and sustain it!)

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Common Questions

Which membership is best for me?

The best place to start is to see where you are currently at in your health journey. Where do your personal obstacles lay? The basic plan is best for those that need direction and some support. The basic plan is best for those without health issues and are looking for direction and accountability. It is a great option for those that rebound, have followed strict diets in the past or have not sustained their results.

Both the gold and elite memberships are for those with health issues or symptoms. The gold and elite memberships include a personalized plan and support with our practitioner whereas the basic plan does not.

If you have health issues, chronic symptoms or are looking for a personalized (and realistic) plan that works best for you, the gold or elite membership will be best.

How long does my membership lasts?

Presently, all memberships are for 3 months at a time. Your membership begins on the following Sunday from when you purchased.

For example, if you purchase on a Wednesday, you will begin the following Sunday. Or, if you purchase on a Saturday, you will begin the next day, Sunday.

Once I sign up, what happens next?

Once you sign up, our admin will send you an email. If you sign up on a weekend day, you will receive an email on the next business day.

If you chose the Basic Plan: all of your PDF’s for your plan will be sent to your email as well as a link to the Facebook group.

If you chose the Gold or Elite Plan: all of your PDF’s will be sent to your email along with your intake forms, a link to the Facebook group and available time slots to book your first virtual appointment.

Is there a fitness or workout component?

We believe physical activity is unique to each person and their health goals. With that, we do not push a specific style of exercise. We gladly make recommendations and help you optimize your exercise to help support your goals.

Can I upgrade once I have already started?

Yes. Please email if you would like to upgrade your membership.

Can I downgrade once I have already started?

No, you cannot downgrade once the program has started.

What is the refund policy?

We are confident you will love your membership. However, if no materials have been sent out and you are less than 24 hours since time of purchase, you are entitled to an 80% refund.

Does my membership auto-renew?

No, we do not take auto-payments at this time. When you make a purchase to any plan above, you will be charged only one time. Your initial purchase covers you for the next 3 months.

Can I put my membership on “hold”?

No, once you purchase your membership you begin the following Sunday. The purpose of the membership is to help you navigate through life and create healthy, sustainable changes. No matter life’s curveballs or circumstances, we are here to help you and keep you on track. For that reason, we do not allow membership “freezes” or holds.

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