How To Overcome Chronic Mid-Day Fatigue + Its Cravings

How To Overcome Chronic Mid-Day Fatigue + Its Cravings

Chronic mid-day fatigue and its cravings that are associated with it becomes a concern when it is something experienced on a regular basis. There are identifiable triggers and solutions that are listed below to further help you.


Your day is going well. Morning was off to a great start – you had a smoothie with all kinds of great things in it. You had a mid-morning snack at work (maybe a handful of nuts or a bar), but then you got caught in a meeting or a phone call. You missed lunch again. It’s the middle of the afternoon and you can’t think properly. You’re exhausted. A few more hours you tell yourself. You get up and head for the washroom and walk past a table of cookies and office snacks. You grab some. You smell coffee. You pour a cup. You start to feel better.

The problem is..this isn’t just one day. This is everyday.

Chronic mid-day fatigue and intense cravings is multifaceted yet when paired together, it’s pretty straight forward. If you experience general chronic fatigue and heightened cravings, especially around your menstrual cycle, there may be other underlying factors or nutritional deficiencies. Please book a consultation with our practitioner.


When your body is looking to get its blood sugar up, it will naturally crave a carbohydrate since this is our immediate and primal form of energy. In its simplest form, it’s known as sugar. When your blood sugar significantly drops from not eating for many hours or eating foods void of nutrients (the first of which I commonly see in clients with a big gap from breakfast to late lunch or no lunch at all), your body literally says “give me something!!” You naturally will start to feel sluggish, tired and foggy brained.

Unfortunately, when a person experiences chronic mid-day fatigue, they become so accustomed to it they believe this is their natural state. It is important to look at your symptoms as a means of communication that your body is trying to have with you. Chronic mid-day fatigue has a few identifiable triggers that are identified below.

What triggers mid-day fatigue and heightened cravings?

  • Poor nutrition. Eating foods that lacks quality food choices deprives your body from sustained energy. Foods that are stripped of their nutritional content, void of complete protein or don’t contain fiber also inhibit stable blood sugar levels. Foods high in processed food or refined sugar send insulin into overdrive and can result in chronic metabolic issues as well as leading towards Diabetes.
  • Fasting for a long period of time while having an active day (mentally and/or physically both require energy) can result in a vicious cycle of mid-day fatigue and ultimately, cravings.

How to overcome these symptoms:

Avoid giving into refined sugar, caffeine or processed sweets for immediate satisfaction. Supply yourself with snacks like fruit, hummus and veggies, whole hard-boiled eggs or a sprouted grain wrap with almond butter and a banana for sustained energy in the middle of the day.

PS., This banana bread recipe pictured is right here.

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