How I Stay “On Top Of It” As A Mom & Mompreneur (Or Do I?)

How I Stay “On Top Of It” As A Mom & Mompreneur (Or Do I?)

How I Stay “On Top Of It” As A Mom & Mompreneur (Or Do I?)


Social media is amazing for sharing insight about our lives but at the end of the day it’s important to know that we always see the highlights (almost always). What else is social media full of? Shining and selling I call it. It’s turned into a place of showing what you have and in many cases selling or promoting something. There’s nothing wrong with it – but you should never feel that what you have or who you are isn’t good enough. Drop the comparisons, drop the negative thoughts – you are YOU and real life versus life on the screen are two vastly different worlds.

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Being a Mom and Mompreneur is Tough!

Motherhood is tough! Being a mom-preneur is tough! Being the best wife/partner is tough! It’s tough to balance everything and still try to be the best version of ourselves. What keeps me grounded is going back to my roots and my values of who I am. Given that in time I’ve been able to grow and sharpen some of my tools from my toolbox sort of speak. Some of the things I practice regularly are so ingrained into who I have become that it isn’t a weekly “checklist.” If you’re trying to implement some of these techniques into your own life, start with one – cherish it, value it and master it.

Some of the “tools” that I deeply value as a Mom and Mompreneur…

  • Use part of your weekend to reflect and another part to plan. We live in a culture of “go go go” and “get it done quickly” and what I hear the most “I am so busy I don’t have time.” We are guilty let’s face it. But ever think that our schedule is in our control? What we decide to do with time is ultimately our decision. Maybe life is chaotic (helloooo, mom life and mompreneurs, I am with you!) but you can always devote a period of your week to slowing down. Wake up earlier on a Saturday and grab a piece of paper and a pen while you have your breakfast and jot a few things down. Reflection helps you appreciate and helps you identify challenges. Planning helps you overcome those challenges and be more self-aware of your week ahead.
  • Show gratitude everyday and be thankful for what you have and who you have in your court. I read a book about 5 years ago that truly opened my eyes to what gratitude is and how to be more mindful of it. I practiced gratitude everyday for one summer. It took effort. In times of frustration or challenges, I had to truly pull myself away and force myself to count blessings. It has reshaped the way I think and how I tackle hardship or unforeseen circumstances (especially as a mom and business owner/mompreneur). Try it yourself – everyday write down 3 things you’re grateful for. During hardship, bring this to your attention as well.
  • Show random acts of kindness and learn to slow down where applicable. How nice would it be if we stop documenting every nice thing we do for people? Just do it out of the kindness of your heart – no Instagram story, no post, no story telling – just do it when you feel it’s the right time. When you create depth to your life by participating in what life truly is and soaking in those moments, you will find a whole other sense of purpose!
  • Accept that you’re not superwoman and it’s okay to ask for help. This one took me a while. A very long time actually and I still have my days. It took me all the way until motherhood!  I like to take ownership of responsibilities. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my daughter that I started to ask for help – help with chores, help with work responsibilities, call in the “experts!” It takes a village!
  • Leverage and share responsibilities. Similar to above, but especially as a mompreneur, utilize the pro’s! There are many talented and incredible people in this world that are incredible at what they do- leverage it!
  • Be a leader but also a team player. I see many leaders that aren’t great team players and if you don’t all function well together the boat will continue to go nowhere. Take on leadership if this is you, but also learn to be a great listener. Listen to the needs, to the opinions and ideas of others. Value them. When you become a mom, you learn to be a better team player because the littlest “boss baby” has lots on their agenda!
  • Know what “you” time means and make the time for it. This is where reflection is useful. Remind yourself of what you love and what makes you, you! What are your hobbies? What have you always loved to do? How often do you do it? Is it an outlet for you? Does it help you cope with stress? Do you find joy in that activity? Is it healthy?
  • Take big breaths throughout the day. One of my greatest mentors said to me, “how good is reading a book or listening to a podcast if you don’t put any of it into action?” I read a book about how incredible deep breathing techniques are. I started practicing them daily and now practice them (without needing to think about it) regularly. I initiated this when my endometriosis got very severe and I spent lots of time in the hospital. Deep breathing significantly helped as a mindfulness tool.

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