How To Lose Weight When You Don’t Have Much Time

How To Lose Weight When You Don’t Have Much Time

How To Lose Weight When You Don’t Have Much Time (From our Practitioner and Mom)

We can talk about chronic health issues and weight loss all the time, but if you can’t find a realistic way to implement the suggestions, you won’t be able to progress in your weight loss journey or sustain your results. So, how can you lose weight when you don’t have much time? This article shares some realistic and sustainable approaches that you can apply to your life.

“As a mother and practitioner, I can relate to those that have busy, working schedules and still have household duties to tend to daily. But, as a practitioner, practicing healthy habits is also a priority, no matter the circumstances. Below is a functional method to help you identify your goals, challenges, develop time management and organization skills in your life and sustain these actions and best yet, results.”

Set Realistic Goals and Track Your Progress

Many people get caught up in the terms “weight loss” or “feel better.” These are big (and unclear) goals. Being specific about your goals and intentions is important for overall execution and success.

Write it down and keep it super simple. What is your specific end goal (time line aside)? Do you know the proper steps you need to take to get there? CE Wellness patients have found that working with a practitioner has made these steps smoother and more enjoyable.

Our very affordable Basic membership provides you with guidance (templates) to answer these questions and create steps that are realistic for your life and circumstances.

Our practitioner says:

When most people are “busy,” they want a clear-cut plan in front of them (diet, what to eat, what to cut out, how much to eat, what workouts to follow). The reality is, this process strips you of self-awareness. It can create a vicious cycle of rebounding, binge eating, intense cravings, menstrual irregularities, mental and emotional stress, weight gain, anxiety and even, depression (not to mention its effect on hormones when diets are too restrictive or when yo-yo dieting takes place).

If you’re a busy gal, hone in on your specific goal. What is your overall intention? What are simple steps you can take week by week, or even day by day, that are realistic for you?

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Identify Your Challenges

The next important step is identifying your challenges before starting any plan. Everyone’s challenges are different. Write them down and turn them into weekly goals and intentions. Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • Is healthy snacking a challenge for you?
  • Is healthy snacking a challenge for your kids or family?
  • Is it difficult to prep or cook fresh meals?
  • Is it challenging deciding what to cook?
  • Are you or your family tired of the foods you are making?
  • Does your lack of time effect your physical activity?
  • Do you know what you should eat? Do you lack clarity in dietary choices?
  • Do you constantly feel tired, have low energy or lack of motivation?
  • Are you dealing with chronic health issues or symptoms that impact this process?
  • Are you experiencing a weight loss plateau? Do you know why?

Go through the questions above and see which connect to you most. If you an connect to several of these and are having a hard time overcoming these challenges, check out our membership options. At CE Wellness, we make this process smoother and more enjoyable for you (and for your family).

Plan Meals Ahead

Traditional meal prep isn’t for everyone (nor do we advocate it). Cooking in bulk and eating the same thing every work day is boring and lacks the variety of nutrients your body needs.

Our CE 7 Day Detox book has several very useful templates that guide you through meal planning effectively and buying enough groceries for the week without being wasteful. This book teaches you how to master meal prep (whether it’s for you or your family) and how to create and sustain healthy habits. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Find Short But Effective Workouts

The reality is twofold: you think you don’t have time, so you don’t workout. Or, you find a small fraction of time and find a type of exercise you enjoy.

Life is about choices. How important is your health to you? How important are your goals to you? Do you set short time lines and challenge yourself (in a realistic way)? Do you invest in your health?

These YouTube workouts are all 30 minutes and under and can be done at home with minimal to no equipment. When you see a challenge, decide how you can set mini goals out of them instead of viewing them as road-blocks.

For example, change: “I can’t workout, there’s no time” into…”I have 20 minutes at lunch. Let me try it then.” Or, “I don’t have time everyday, but I can commit to some type of exercise 3 times a week. Let’s see how this goes.”

Traditional or fad diets and programs may tell you to workout everyday for 45-60 minutes. If it guarantees results, you might do it. The problem is, it isn’t realistic. The probability of you committing to this long-term is very low. Also, the probability of you sustaining your results is very low. This normally results in yo-yo dieting (gaining the weight back, and sometimes even more) and adrenal fatigue.

Do you see how with the first approach you are creating a sustainable plan that is geared towards your lifestyle?

Endorphins are the feel good neurotransmitters in the brain. They are released with the usage of certain drugs (opioids), but also during exercise. I encourage patients to remember that good feeling after they workout, not the unmotivated feeling before the workout. That feeling will begin to condition you to get regular exercise in, no matter how busy a day is, you will remember that the exercise you choose to do is a type of exercise that makes you feel good.

Busy and Dealing With Chronic Symptoms, What Now?

If you deal with symptoms everyday as part of your “normal,” you’ll agree that your body talks to you everyday in ways you wish it didn’t. We like to reaffirm to patients that symptoms are communicators. Your body is telling you something isn’t right. Although they aren’t fun to live with, take them as useful signs and that it is not your fate.

Our gold and elite membership programs allow you to work progressively with our practitioner to address the root cause of your symptoms. You will be working 1-1 with the practitioner for a period of time that gives you the support, guidance, accountability and answers. No matter how “busy” you are, you deserve to live your best life. The great news, there are ways to tackle it and we are here to help. Start by clicking here to see which membership is best for you.

Looking for simple guidance when it comes to your symptoms? This free natural hormone balancing guide was written by our practitioner and is by far, a guide every woman should have. Get your copy here.

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