How To Eat Healthy As A Working Mom

How To Eat Healthy As A Working Mom

How To Eat Healthy As A Working Mom

Let’s talk eating healthy as a working mom! It’s reality. I will speak for myself to say that working full-time, being a mom to two toddlers, a wife and doing all the necessary household chores is definitely heavy! No matter how busy life is, eating healthy and making good choices day in and day out is important to me (for my own health and for my family’s health).

Everyday we have priorities and things that need to get done. But, let’s recognize that eating healthy should be a priority. Even when it is a priority, convenience is always helpful to make it a reality. There are a few tricks and tips that can make eating healthy easier and more convenient, no matter your circumstance or current routine.

I will preface by saying first: don’t be hard on yourself. Some days are challenging. Some days you might not eat your version of “perfect” – and that’s okay. What’s important is the self-awareness aspect of your eating habits. Further, your proactive planning to help get you through those heavier days!

Life As A Working Mom

Early mornings and long days. You try to bring your “A” game everyday. No matter how tired you are, you have to persist and get through the day. You work, you tend to kids, you get household chores done, you fill the fridge, you cook, you enjoy your family, you dodge toddler tantrums – all in a day.

I am a huge advocate of prioritizing personal time. When you accept your busy days and busy schedules and look at it from a bird’s eye view, you can find a space where you can nestle in some personal time. A busy schedule is glamorized today, but it’s not ideal. It’s exhausting, it’s overtaxing. More than ever women are developing more autoimmune conditions, thyroid disorders, PCOS and other hormonal imbalances. But in comparison, we also have an uprise in working moms trying to juggle working with household responsibilities.

This means stress. Chronic stress. We often see elevated cortisol levels, stressed adrenal glands, blood sugar imbalances (direct links to PCOS), digestive issues, thyroid disorders and/or female endocrine hormones severely imbalanced (menstrual irregularities, fertility issues, miscarriages, painful or heavy periods, fibroids).

How To Eat Healthy As A Working Mom

Here are 5 useful tips for eating healthy as a working mom.


Just plan. Write it down. Make sure you are stocked with the ingredients you will need. Meal prepping isn’t for everyone. It’s glamorized, but it’s not always realistic or enjoyable. Spending a day meal prepping on the weekend takes away from your weekend. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. Some people don’t like eating the same thing everyday (like me!) I find prepping snacks on the weekend is more helpful. Buy some healthy store-bought snacks for backup and make a few homemade snacks. Something like these no-bake energy balls are healthy, delicious and super simple to whip up! What’s most important here is gaining clarity for your week ahead and being prepared (no excuses!)


There are a couple useful ways to utilize your freezer.

  1. Place washed poultry or meat in meal-ready bags. For example, separate meats depending how many you would cook for 1 meal (4-6 on average). Make a marinade and place it in the bag. Seal and shake. Place bags in the freezer. When needed, take one out from the freezer, thaw and cook.
  2. Frozen vegetables, frozen fruit. Frozen vegetables and fruits are a convenient way of still managing to get natural foods into your daily diet.
  3. Frozen homemade meals. Have leftovers or make extra? Put it into a freezer-friendly container and freeze. Pull out on the days you don’t have time (or energy) and enjoy your own home-cooked meal!


I wrote an article about this a while back that shared a list of healthy store-bought snacks you could buy. Fortunately, we live in a time where healthy can come boxed. Options like this follow my “good, better, best” method. It may not be the “best,” but it’s certainly “better” than other processed, unhealthy foods you could be having instead. Some healthy store-bought snacks can still keep you on track and provide the convenience you may need some days (and that’s okay!)


Go back to the basics on some days – no need to get fancy! Here are some simple foods you can make in 10 minutes and under:

  • Baked sweet potato
  • Steamed broccoli topped with sea salt, pepper and drizzle of fresh lemon juice
  • Stove top chicken breasts (halved horizontally for a quicker cook time) with your favorite seasonings
  • Sautéed spinach with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder
  • Brown rice noodles with tomato sauce
  • Salad
  • Cooked rice or quinoa

Meal Ideas:

  • Brown rice pasta with meat sauce and sautéed spinach
  • Steamed broccoli, chicken and baked sweet potato
  • Burrito bowl
  • Salad with tuna
  • Salad with chopped hard boiled eggs
  • Egg roll in a bowl


Depending on the season, don’t forget about these classic styles! Smoothie are nutrient dense and can provide a wide variety of antioxidants, fiber, protein and healthy fats to keep you satiated.

Soups and stews are 2 other great ways to get all your nutrients in one simple meal. They can be loaded with different flavors to provide variety for you!

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