If you experience ongoing symptoms such as the following, the Hormone Helper may be significantly beneficial for you.

  • PMS
  • Intense cravings
  • Irregular periods / Heavy periods / Painful periods
  • Hormonal acne/ Acne on face
  • Poor stress management / High stress lifestyle
  • Stubborn mid-section weight
  • Mid-day fatigue
  • Low energy
  • Moodiness
  • Poor sleep

Does this sound like you?

  • My breasts are tender/ hurt
  • My rings fit too tight sometimes
  • I am impatient more than usual
  • I get severe menstrual cramps
  • I get very painful and heavy periods
  • I miss my period regularly
  • I have PMS
  • I have blood clots during my period
  • I often feel tired
  • I have fibroids
  • I have endometriosis
  • I have PCOS
  • I have intense cravings
  • I can’t shake my weight
  • I am easily angered
  • I get shaky to eat during the afternoon

If any of these pertain to you, the 4-Week Hormone Helper can be very suitable for your health needs as a starting point. Grab your copy by filling out the form above.

The Hormone Helper is a 4-week guide that teaches women to better understand their hormones and the root cause of their hormonal imbalances. Dietary advice, environmental detoxification and hormone fundamentals are all included to best help you achieve an optimal hormonal profile.


Before you purchase the guide, we advise you to take advantage of your free 15-minute phone call consultation. You will have the ability to speak to one of our registered practitioners to chat about your health needs and goals.



A message from Christina Campbell

“What is the Hormone Helper + My Story”


*Note that there are other common symptoms that you may be experiencing that can signify a potential hormonal imbalance. If you are unsure whether you’d benefit from this Hormone Helper, or would like to speak to one of our practitioners, please email or fill out this form.


The Hormone Helper includes:

  • Foods that support optimal hormone health
  • Foods that can be triggering your hormonal imbalances
  • How to support your digestive tract in helping with hormone regulation
  • Lifestyle suggestions (optimal workouts, stress management)
  • How to naturally balance estrogen-progesterone levels
  • How to re-establish insulin sensitivity
  • How to reduce or eliminate common symptoms
  • Detox your environment and reduce exposure to hormonal disruptors

It’s time to feel like YOU again. Hormonal imbalances can be frustrating, debilitating and uncomfortable. The Hormone Helper is a phenomenal way to gain some control of your hormones and start making some daily shifts in your routine.

All these suggestions are vital for balancing your hormones. Don’t let hormones dictate your life. Regain control of you and your body!


To purchase your copy of the Hormone Helper or to set up your 15-minute phone call consultation, please fill out this form below: