Holle: Why We Chose This Brand Of Infant Formula

Holle: Why We Chose This Brand Of Infant Formula

Holle: Why We Chose This Brand Of Infant Formula

There has become more hype about baby formula – and trust me, it’s tricky knowing which is best for your baby, which they’ll like most and which they’ll respond to best. This article is meant to share our personal experience subjectively and why we stick to the brand we do. Ultimately, do your research and experiment where necessary. This blog post is not meant to compare and contrast various brands.

When my son came out of the hospital, we were sent home with a generic commercial infant formula. As a nutritionist, I had a hard time accepting the label and ingredients associated with it- especially with it being the sole food my baby would consume in the beginning.

I almost exclusively breastfed until my supply couldn’t keep up with the demands of a growing baby boy. By this time, I did extensive research and comparisons and opted with the Stage 1 Holle Brand. I had this as back up and used it to top off my milk. Once my son turned 7 months and I stopped nursing, he was solely on this formula balanced out with his solid foods.

Why I Like Holle:

  • Demeter Products and Strict Regulations. You can read more about the Demeter farming and agricultural procedures here: https://www.demeter.net/certification/standards/production
  • It was important to find a brand that follows good manufacturing principles applicable to EU standards and adheres to top agricultural standards.
  • To read more about Holle and their values, click here: https://gb.holle.ch/en_GB/our-quality
  • Utilization of more pure ingredients, no added sugars and less processing compared to its US counterparts.
  • It has adequate iron levels and less than its US counterparts. This helped avoid constipation episodes while still meeting daily iron requirements. Generic US commercial formula iron content is approx 1.8 mg per 5 fl oz. whereas Holle is 0.6 mg per 100mL prepared bottle.

Holle Ingredients and Full Label:


As both a blessing and a curse, your baby will ultimately tell you what works best. Some have distinct taste buds and don’t like certain formula’s or may not react well to a given formula. By understanding your baby and reading signs of good digestion (proper bowels, low to no gas, spit ups..) and no sensitivity to the product, you can then guide your way to finding the best fit for your little one.

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