Christina’s 6 Month Postpartum Update (Baby #2)

Christina’s 6 Month Postpartum Update (Baby #2)

Christina’s 6 Month Postpartum Update (Baby #2)

2 kids in 2 years, let’s talk about that! It has been one of the busiest but most beautiful few years yet. As a second round of a postpartum journey, there are a few things I am happy to share in this new postpartum update. This is based on personal experience and I wrote this post to share what has worked for me – hoping that there are some insightful tips that may be beneficial to you as well.

To date, my kids are 7 months and 22 months. Yes, still happily owning “2 under 2” for a few more months. I’ve got to say, I’ve really enjoyed it. Not every day was a walk in the park, though. Motherhood teaches you patience you never knew you had, how to become more selfless, be a better listener, appreciate every small thing you used to “rush,” and become more mindful about being present.

Motherhood Challenges

You never realize how fast time truly goes until you have children. If you’re going through the baby years right now, I feel you, I hear you and I get you. The sleepless nights, the days you have no energy but have to find it somewhere, the messy hair and no make up days, the let downs, the tantrums (from the baby, not us), the dishes in the sink and mountain of clothes to wash or fold…or both. Just know that these days don’t last forever. The days may be long, but the years sure are fast.

Here I already am at my 6 month postpartum update, raving about it. Trust me, it flies!

Motherhood Milestone Moments

What I’ve enjoyed most so far is my own personal growth. When you become a mom, you develop more of the “I don’t care what people think” mentality. What’s great about it is…you become YOU. As a mom, you start finding the real you and start learning more about yourself in the process. It’s a precious time.

Fitness & Nutrition

I waited until my 6-week clearance from my Doctor before doing any “gym sessions.” I did start walking before then and started doing light stretches that felt good to me.

Working out and losing baby weight wasn’t my initial goal. I nestled back into my regular eating habits (80/20 type of rule). I knew that eating well was the least I could do for body in order to heal and recover most optimally. Lots and lots of water, especially while breastfeeding. With my first, I rested every time my son napped. With my second, that wasn’t always possible, but I did try to have more quiet time with him (reading, playing with toys in one spot or going for light walks when possible).

When it comes to weightlifting and working out, you have to learn to listen to your body in a whole new way. The postpartum journey is different because now most of your energy and time go to your kid(s). I truly believe that stress can be perceived by the body in many different forms (environmental, emotional, physical/physiological). If we do frequent high intensity workouts or lift heavy weights, the body can easily interpret it as something stressful. I share this because your body is already in a state of stress (physical recovery from child birth, different and interrupted sleeping patterns, most likely change in eating habits and emotional ups and downs). Easing into a workout routine that makes sense for you, given your circumstances, is the best tip I can give as both a nutritionist, personal trainer and mom.

I did 2 of our 6-week challenges as we ran them in the last 6 months and found my own personal rhythm that made sense. Committing to something (anything!) is a game-changer. You develop purpose, a goal that’s meaningful, an end date to reach and accountability. As moms, sometimes that’s just what we need to find our own momentum. Be sure to check-out our next challenge date – we would love for you to join us!

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