We Are Expecting A…

We Are Expecting A…

Gender reveal time..

We are expecting a BOY!

We found out nearly a week ago and waited to do a proper gender reveal announcement. The willpower to hold the secret all this time was real! We love to share milestone moments as our family grows and this certainly was one.

We contemplated doing a little gender reveal party at the house or a photo shoot. The “first” is always the most memorable and special and we decided to go this route. There was no way we could have asked the ultrasound tech to place the results in an envelope and find out any other way (this time at least!). We waited many weeks (and technically years for this moment!)

Baby Boy was beyond cooperative and had his legs spread right from the beginning to let us know he is a he! He is super active, doing somersaults, sucking his thumb/fist and putting his legs by his head. We definitely have a little athlete on our hands to suit our #FITFAM!

I have come to learn that there are MANY people in my circle that are pregnant, plan to be or just had a baby. I plan on documenting my journey as much as possible and sharing the knowledge that I know that relate to mom, baby, health and fitness.

Here are a few images from our gender reveal photo shoot!

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