5 Ways To Get More Natural Energy (And Not Feel So Tired During The Day!)

5 Ways To Get More Natural Energy (And Not Feel So Tired During The Day!)

5 Ways To Get More Natural Energy

(And Not Feel So Tired)

Tired of feeling tired (pun intended)? This article explores 5 ways to get more natural energy (caffeine-free). Many clients at CE Wellness know that our philosophy stems from self-realization. This means, we have you acknowledge your very own lifestyle and personal habits. While doing so, we help you address where there is room for improvement, address the root cause of your health issue(s) and provide a sustainable approach. This method works cohesively with all of the aspects of your personal lifestyle. When it comes to getting more stable energy through the day, there are a few important keys to realize and ask yourself first.


If you’re a new mom (or mom generally speaking), you have a lot of juggling going on. (Trust me, as a mom to two toddlers, I get it). Not only is your routine different when entering motherhood and priorities shifting, your daily habits may be shifting as well.

Many of you know I am a mom to 2 that are just over a year apart. What was especially important to me when entering this chapter was grabbing a hold of my energy, mood and hormones from the beginning (to the best of my ability) while adapting to this new “chapter.” I knew that if I didn’t take control, it could be a downward spiral. If you’re going through this now, identify the areas you can take control of and try – try your absolute best.

Many women face new challenges with a newborn like:

  • loss of identity
  • postpartum depression
  • stagnant weight
  • weight gain
  • hormonal imbalances

All of these factors impact their health journey (including general health and mental health and healing). Some develop thyroid disorders from pregnancy, are prone to sickness (because of weakened immune system and heightened stress) and unfortunately then create a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to many other chronic health issues down the road.

Mom to a Newborn

If you’re a mom to a newborn, your sleep is mostly likely impacted for the first few months. This affects your mood and energy during the day. Your hormones are trying to regulate post labor and delivery and if you’re breastfeeding, you also have a greater demands. With disrupted sleep, your circadian rhythm is impacted and cortisol levels may in fact begin to elevate (which is very common).

How Can You Take Control Of Your Energy Once You Have A Baby (and not feel so tired)?

Identify what areas of your life you are able to grasp a hold of. Identify what your challenges are and what affects you the most (such as energy, sleep, diet, mental/emotional, mundane routine etc). I can guarantee you can shift things ever so slightly or make one different choice per day that will have a great impact on how you feel day to day. Remember, small consistent changes everyday not only yield results, but will create a more sustainable approach.

  1. Identify your current routine and schedule. Where is there room for change?
  2. What are your obstacles: Time? Energy? Cooking? Sleep? Personal time? Exercise?
  3. Where in your day can you make one small change? For example, if time is an issue and you snack on unhealthy foods, what healthier options can you buy at the grocery store? We have a list of 10 healthy store bought snacks you could buy to help those short on time! By making this one small change, you will be improving your weight, energy, mood and overcoming your “lack of time” obstacle.

5 Ways To Get More Natural Energy And Not Feel So Tired

1 Vitamin D.

Many (in fact most) people in Canada and many northern US states are deficient in vitamin D, especially during the winter. Vitamin D supplementation can be very beneficial for most people. Vitamin D acts like a hormone and has many effects on the body. Not only does it help support the immune system, it also helps with menstrual regulation (for those with fertility issues, consider getting your Vit. D levels checked as well). Chronic fatigue and depression are common symptoms associated with Vitamin D deficiency.

Some foods will say if they are fortified with Vitamin D, but your liver and kidneys will still have to convert it to the active form, Vitamin D3. A Vitamin D3 supplement can be helpful and is normally recommended. Always consult with your physician before starting any new supplement regiment.

2 B-Vitamins.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 can help with energy and in fact, mental health. Vitamin B12 deficiency is most commonly found in strict vegans or vegetarians who do not supplement this Vitamin. When it comes to Vitamin B12, often malabsorption is the leading cause of deficiency and not intake. Following these tips can help improve digestion of this vitamin.

Increasing your intake of foods rich in these vitamins before starting a supplement is always the best first step. Foods that are rich in Vitamin 6 include leafy greens, whole grains, eggs and cantaloupe. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B12 include all animal protein foods. Opt for organic and pasture-raised when possible.

3 Eliminate Caffeine.

I call caffeine “fake energy” when used as a “treatment” for energy. When the body relies on caffeine as its main source of energy, it has a hard time finding its own stable energy source. It’s like a car low on gas that stays on an empty tank. Instead of adding “good” gas to fill the tank, you buy cheap gas and only put a few gallons in at a time. Now, you have to keep going back to the gas station every morning to get to the places you need to go. If you don’t fill the empty tank that morning, you barely make it through the day. That’s the effect that caffeine has on your body.

Chronic use of caffeine can offset your circadian rhythm and increase stress and inflammation in the body. Cortisol levels can rise and adrenals can become fatigued (along with high stress lifestyle, poor diet and poor sleeping patterns that can be influenced by caffeine intake simultaneously). If you have stubborn mid-section weight and drink coffee regularly, you may find this article useful.

The best first step (and the hardest one) you can make if you are an avid coffee drinker is take a break from it. Remove it for at least one week or once you overcome the withdrawal phase. The withdrawal phase is the period of time that your body is looking for it, but you aren’t providing it. Many people experience headaches and of course, low energy. If you feel the need to re-introduce it after the withdrawal phase, try to only drink coffee in the morning without added sugar. I also highly suggest to not consume coffee on those “tired” mornings. While removing caffeine also follow point #4 below.

4 Minimize (or eliminate) refined sugar and stabilize blood sugar. 

Refined sugar does nothing good for the body. It increases inflammation and thus, stress; it provides no key nutrients and is a breeding ground for gut issues and chronic health issues. PCOS is linked to insulin resistance (that can stem from a diet with increased refined sugar).

Remove or strictly minimize refined sugar, including alias names like HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup, sugar and cane sugar by paying more attention to your labels when at the grocery store. Unfortunately sugar is hidden in most commercial products, no matter what they are. When baking or cooking at home, opt for coconut sugar, applesauce, stevia, raw organic honey or natural fruit juice as a sweetener of choice.

5 Explore underlying causes for chronic fatigue; including stress management, sleeping disturbances and cortisol levels.

While doing the above, you should also be focusing on improving the quality of your sleep. This can mean a few things:

  • Wind down time. Identify what your night time routine consists of and see how you can make an improvement. Are you being stimulated by work, emails or social media before bed?
  • Stress management. How are you managing stress in your life. Have you identified what aspect of your life is most stressful? Our monthly membership program helps people like you set goals, be clear on your intentions and prioritize your health.

If you’ve tried all of the above for an extended period of time and can’t seem to feel better or have more sustained natural energy, it is worth exploring greater underlying issues. Please click here to book a free consultation and discuss your needs with a practitioner.

Energy Filled Recipes

Here are some fan fave recipes that are great when trying to stabilize your blood sugar, overcome fatigue and feel better!

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