5 Affordable Ways To Decorate For Fall

5 Affordable Ways To Decorate For Fall

5 Affordable Ways To Decorate For Fall


I have been wanting to share my love for home decor since FOREVER. I’ve always made the assumption that because I run a wellness practice, decor doesn’t quite fit with the brand. But then I realized that it definitely does. I figured that fall decor is the best place to start!

I preach about living simply. Your home can very much reflect your state of mind (clutter in the home, clutter in the mind; organized home, organized mind – are you with me?) It’s important to create a space where you feel “warmth,” where your mind feels relaxed and where your space is organized and tidy.


Now…the fun part. Fall and the Christmas season are my most favourite times of the year. Of course I decorate and enjoy the process! But there’s a deeper reason. As a new mom, putting up some decorations and making certain occasions more festive has become more and more important to me. I grew up with a family that revolved around rituals. Because of it, I have such strong and fond memories of my childhood. It’s definitely something I want to do with my children. What kind of rituals do you do with your family? Let us know in the comments below!


Now the first thing I thought about was: there are a handful of seasons, a lot of holidays in a calendar year and style is constantly changing. That could be a lot of decorating (maybe, maybe not – depends on you!) and can become “cha-ching”. I save all of my stuff to use following years and may tweak it a little here and there. If you’ve been wanting to decorate, but don’t know where to start and want to start small (and simple), here are my tips:


  • Pull up Pinterest and save some photo’s of the style and look you’re going for. This will help when you shop and to make sure you don’t buy any nonsense. When I go, I know the exact look I am going for, the space I intend to decorate (or revamp from last year’s decor) and stick to my list! You don’t want to be in a position where you buy a whole bunch of nonsense because it looks nice in the store and end up having a cluttered space!
  • Know what you already have. Pull out those dusty bins from last year and take everything out. You don’t want to duplicate what you already have!


  • Know exactly the space you intend to decorate. Take a picture of it for reference when you shop. It’s not over-complicated, but it is important to remind yourself to shop more minimally and frugally to avoid clutter.


  • What’s great about Google now is that if you type in what you’re looking for, several stores will pop up if they carry it. Don’t rely on one store when you go out, you may be able to snatch it online from another retailer that you didn’t even think about! I love doing this because it opens my eyes to new stores that carry my style AND sometimes what I’m looking for pops up with an unexpected flare that I LOVE (and it can totally be cheaper)!


  • I don’t know about you, but something about too many decorations reminds me of visiting my grandma. It’s. Just. Too. Much. The simple look keeps clutter down and draws more attention to the arrangements and decor that you DO get.


  1. Pumpkins. My favourite parts of Fall decor is incorporating pumpkins and candles. Decorative pumpkins you can find nearly everywhere! They take up a perfect amount of space whether you get a bunch of small ones and place in a festive bowl or get a few bigger ones. I went for a white and black theme with some neutral accents. This style of pumpkin fit my theme perfectly!
  2. Candles. Another great way to utilize space and create a festive scent in your home – perfect for fall and winter especially. I have a go-to candle girl that makes soy-based candles with natural scents (because yes, did you take my hormone disruptor quiz? If not, you must). If you’re wondering how I got my home to smell like a mix of pumpkin spice and apples, this is where it’s from!
  3. Placemats/Table Runners. These are inexpensive and add so much character. We don’t really need to be “buying” new stuff every year – there truly is more meaning to life but… trading in from some decorative placemats or table runners are an easy way to get more in the holiday spirit and not spend much money. (If you have kids, you can get them to draw a festive picture, then laminate it for their own personal placemats). This year I was really feeling a black and white theme – so this table runner completely complements the look.
  4. Decorative Florals. I love Michaels Crafts stores because you can make a pretty nice artificial bouquet (or wreath) to add some character to your home. For less than $20 I made a beautiful arrangement (they also often have 50% off sales)
  5. Pillows. You can never have enough pillows, am I right? By swapping out your couch pillows for more festive ones, you can totally change around the mood of a room. I love this chunky knit pillow in brown!


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