10 Healthy Snacks You Could Buy

10 Healthy Snacks You Could Buy

10 Healthy Snacks You Could Buy

We could all use some time off in the kitchen. When it comes to snacking, is it a challenge for you? Do you find that snacks is what side-tracks your health and fitness journey? I suggest to our clients at CE Wellness to identify what the true reason is behind this challenge of “snacking” and become more self-aware of it. This is the first step to breaking a habit.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • I feel anxious, irritable and have intense cravings. I tend to reach for sweets like candy or chocolate. *If this is you, there could be other underlying causes. I recommend setting up a free consultation here.
  • I work during the day and get home too tired to even think about baking or making snacks.
  • I mostly buy or bake snacks solely for my kids. I didn’t even realize it was a concern for me.
  • I fast intermittently. I do get hungry though, but I’m trying to train my body.
  • Making my own snacks is too complicated.
  • I don’t know how to read labels. I try my best by reading what the front of a package or box says. I don’t really understand the back of the package.
  • Once I have one, I usually need more.
  • I’m so focused on my work during the day or what I’m doing that I forget to eat when my body starts to tell me I’m actually hungry.
  • Healthy snacks are too expensive.

I made this “Top 10 Healthy Snacks You Could Buy” blog post because our clients at CE Wellness often ask us what is considered a healthy snack and what healthy snacking actually means. I’ve realized that not everyone enjoys cooking or baking and not everyone has the time (I get it!). Our desire to live a healthy life should not be sidetracked from this obstacle.

As a certified holistic nutritionist, I recommend this snack list below for their clean ingredients (or nearly very clean).

Why Snacking Is Important

You can have the best day of meals and set yourself up for success by meal prepping on the weekends, but snacks can completely steer you the other way. Research shows connections between PCOS and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the result of poor snacking and poor dietary habits over time.

Women that have stubborn mid-section weight have shown direct links to elevated cortisol levels. We can illustrate that poor snacking (going hungry for too long, intense cravings leading to binge eating etc) can allow the body to interpret these instances as stressful. If done repeatedly, your body stays chronically stressed and hormones continue to be imbalanced.

Poor snacking habits with those with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s is another concern. Those that have Hashimoto’s, the body is constantly fighting the thyroid. Gut bacteria is most often imbalanced because the immune system is in a constant state of attack. In the end, a woman’s body is chronically stressed and immune system functioning is compromised. Poor snack choices makes the body work harder and unfortunately contribute to worsening the gut microbiome and interfering with proper cortisol production.

If you have any of the above, we would encourage you to set up a free consultation and speak with one of our practitioners.

What Is Poor Snacking?

Poor snacking means foods that are low in nutrient value, high in refined sugar or HFCS, low in fiber and namely, processed foods. Poor snacking habits may also indicate instances where your body tells you that you are hungry, but you ignore the signals. In the end your blood sugar gets too low, cravings intensify and you reach for coffee, candy, baked goods or other nutrient-void processed foods.

10 Healthy Snacks You Can Buy

We’ve linked each snack to specific brands to show you our cleanest favourites.

  1. Larabar
  2. Skinny Pop Popcorn and Skinny Pop Mini Cakes
  3. RX Bar
  4. Rice Cakes
  5. The New Primal (Turkey Sticks are a fan favourite)
  6. Chocolate Covered Almonds
  7. Seaweed Snack
  8. The Best “Candy” Snack
  9. Snack Size Hummus with Gluten Free Crackers (check local grocery store for fresh hummus)
  10. Collagen Bar

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