Step 3: 1-1 Appointments

Welcome to the 1-1 service.

At CE Wellness, we are committed to your health and healing. What makes us unique is that we have a very personable approach to our programs. We help the individual from lifestyle analysis, chronic symptoms and health history. We understand that life is often “busy,” and we cater to the client as much as possible – make your steps clear and realistic while helping you heal and reach your goals.

When you are ready to book your appointment, please contact us by filling out the information box below. You can also scroll down to see common questions.

Here you will find common questions that you may have before booking an appointment.

How do I book an appointment?

Book an appointment by filling out your information in the box above. One of our practitioners will contact you in 1-2 business days. You can also send your information here to book your 15-minute free phone call consultation.

What can I expect from an initial appointment?

During your initial appointment (after your free 15-minute consultation), the practitioner will go through your protocol with you. This can take up to 30 minutes. Our practitioner walks through every step with you to ensure you understand the program.

Before the actual phone call, your practitioner will have already sent you the PDF version of your protocol. This is for you to read through on your own time and write down any potential questions.

How long are appointments?

Appointments are 30 minutes.

Are appointments in person or over the phone?

Appointments are over the phone.

How much is an appointment?

An initial appointment is $225.00 USD and is to be paid at the time you return your forms. Appointments cannot be booked until the complete payment is made.

Does insurance cover these appointments?

No, insurance does not cover appointments.

What is a protocol?

A protocol is the term we use that refers to your personalized program. After we read through your forms, address the root cause of your health issue, and create a customized plan, we write it out and send it to you. The protocol is what we go over with you at your appointment.

What will I get out of this appointment?

You will get a thorough overview of:

  • Foods to include and eliminate to help your area of concern/healing
  • Supplement suggestions
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Additional notes from our practitioner
  • 3-Day example meal plan of “ideal eating days”
  • Recommended follow up (can range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks)

You will have the chance to ask our practitioner 1-1 over the phone any questions you have directly.

Are follow-ups free or included?

Follow ups would require you to book another appointment and fill out a follow up form. This allows us to thoroughly reassess your progress and help make any modifications. We can also address another area of concern that you might face. Follow-ups are shorter than initial appointments and are discounted. Please inquire within.

Do I get a meal plan?

You get a 3-day sample menu in your protocol. This allows you to understand 3 “different days” of ideal eating. We do not do a set day-by-day meal plan for the intention that you are learning to follow your personal hunger cue’s, learn to make meals that you enjoy, utilize leftovers and create sustainable results. We help our clients develop positive relationships with food, and day-by-day meal menu’s are not sustainable long-term.

Will I be doing lab work or additional tests?

Our practitioner may recommend additional lab work for you if necessary. These are additional out of pocket costs from the client. Not every client needs this service.

If I send in my lab work, will you look over it?

We have a lab analysis service that can be added on to your appointment fee. Please let our practitioner know when you book your appointment. If you choose this, please send a scanned copy of your most recent lab work with your filled out assessment forms.