How To Eat Healthy As A Working Mom

How To Eat Healthy As A Working Mom Let’s talk eating healthy as a working mom! It’s reality. I will speak for myself to say that working full-time, being a mom to two toddlers, a wife and doing all the necessary household chores is definitely <a class="read-more" href="https://christinaemilywellness.com/how-to-eat-healthy-as-a-working-mom-2/">Read more</a>

vitamin d and the thyroid

Vitamin D Deficiency And The Thyroid

Vitamin D Deficiency And The Thyroid The connection between a Vitamin D deficiency and thyroid disease is gaining interest in the medical world. More and more research is becoming evident showing links between the two. First, let’s discuss the role of Vitamin D in the <a class="read-more" href="https://christinaemilywellness.com/vitamin-d-deficiency-and-the-thyroid/">Read more</a>

ground almond muffins gluten free baking ce wellness

Ground Almond Muffins

This ground almond muffin recipe goes way back. I remember when my mom started making them when I was a kid. It was one of the first baking recipes that we experimented with ground almond as a base ingredient. Such a vivid memory! Baking With <a class="read-more" href="https://christinaemilywellness.com/ground-almond-muffin-recipe/">Read more</a>

Thai curry noodles

Thai Curry Rice Noodles

Thai Curry Rice Noodles I started making some Thai-inspired meals lately and they have been a household hit! We have a very authentic taste palette and with the onset of COVID, we haven’t been traveling as much as we’d like. With that, I have been <a class="read-more" href="https://christinaemilywellness.com/thai-curry-noodles/">Read more</a>