Step 1: Consultation

Welcome! I’m glad you found us. It is our mission to help you refresh from the inside-out, including your environment. That is why we offer what we do.


  • Health Consulting. Many of our female clients have both known and unknown health concerns. We specialize in hormonal imbalances, Type 2 Diabetes, non-severe autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, thyroid disorders, acne/hormonal acne, peri-menopause and stubborn mid-section weight.
  • Kitchen Organization. You allow us into your kitchen and we get to work! We help you de-clutter your kitchen/pantry, organize and refresh with style . With what you choose to get rid of, our dietician makes alternate healthy suggestions for you. We intend for you to make sustainable changes that work best for you and your family when it comes to mealtime. In addition, we provide the planning and organization that will make your cooking experience easier, more enjoyable and family-friendly.


  1. Let us know your needs by filling out the form below. Whether it’s your immediate health concerns or you would like in-home kitchen help.
  2. Book the free consultation. Consultation PDF’s are first sent out via email. From there, you will hear from our administrator who will best guide you.
  3. For more questions or to book your consultation, please copy and paste this email: or fill out the form below.
  4. Please include: Name, age, main health concern(s) and immediate goal(s).