Online Coaching

CE Wellness’ online coaching is a healthy & realistic approach to sustainable changes!


About Our 12-Week Online Program

  • You receive a useful goal-setting and habit builder guide to visually track your progress
  • Every week you send a brief email follow-up to ensure you stay on track and to address any weekly obstacles you may be facing
  • Included in your start-up fee is your one-time consultation and assessment to deal with any underlying health concerns.
    • With this you will also receive:
      • Nutritional advice
      • 3-day meal plan
      • Natural supplement suggestions
      • Food sensitivity awareness
  • You will receive a PDF of all “approved” and suggested foods
  • Free online health and fitness tutorials are also offered if you’re a beginner
  • At the start of every month, we have scheduled phone-call check-ins to discuss the previous month’s successes and challenges and set new goals.
  • Specific fitness regiment catered to your goals (home and in-gym options available)
  • All programs are 12 weeks long minimum, no exceptions
  • Email support

Take it with you everywhere!


Initial Start-Up which includes your discounted nutrition assessment and consultation: $150.00

Cost of program: $150 / month

Total: $600.00


To register for this program, please email