Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Organization

Let’s start here: Why kitchen organization?

  • To make family time and cooking more enjoyable.
  • To live simpler and know exactly what you have in your kitchen and utilize it effectively!
  • To use the food in your pantry and be able to see everything clearly
  • To learn to make healthier choices and find healthier alternatives by working with our Dietician on staff
  • To reach your goals, sustain them and live a healthy life that all starts from what you put into your body
  • To have a fully functional kitchen that is also stylish!


Our creative organizers come to your home if located in the South Park vicinity of Charlotte, North Carolina or slightly surrounding area.



  • $100/hour with a 3 hour minimum, total $300
  • This experience includes: an initial consultation, planning and ordering of bins, the “3-step phase” that includes: De-clutter, Categorize and Style Up!
  • You also receive general dietary recommendations (Email) from our Registered Dietician that best fit your needs. You can opt to have our RD/nutritionist attend the experience. The cost of an on-site RD is an additional $85 for 30 minutes.