About Christina Emily

You may recognize me from here- 2013 in the prime of my fitness career.

I’m a 7+ year certified personal trainer turned into holistic nutritionist, blogger and women’s health specialist. Best yet, I’m a mom, wife and so-called “mompreneur”. Did I mention I’m a Canadian that’s raising a young family in the Carolina’s?

My “moment” was in 2015 when I had personal endometriosis issues. From many hospital visits, doctor’s appointments to surgery – I decided to take my health completely into my own hands. It was important for me as a holistic expert to get to the root cause of the issue and heal internally. This prevented my endometriosis from worsening and I surely didn’t want it to ruin my “prime” years of my 20’s.

Fast forward to now.

From that point on and my education as a certified holistic nutritionist, I have helped many women overcome their hormonal issues and heal within. I have a very simplistic and holistic approach that is extremely targeted at the root issue someone just like you may be experiencing.

I am passionate about empowering women, helping them feel comfortable in their own skin and truly becoming the best version of themselves. If you’ve read this far, send me a quick email and say hello! I enjoy connecting with women who are ready to put their health first.

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About CE Wellness

Welcome! You may have stumbled across us for different reasons – perhaps it’s your personal health needs or maybe it’s for general support and direction. You may be here for transforming your kitchen, what you have in it and to make it more functional for you (and your family). Regardless of your reason, we are happy you’re here and we are looking forward to helping you.

The goal of CE Wellness is to help women live + sustain a happier and healthier life.

Our unique approach helps solve everyday challenges while finding sustainable and realistic solutions that work best for you.

Our primary services include kitchen organization and health consulting.

We specialize helping women with the following:

  • Stubborn mid-section weight
  • Sustainable weight loss methods & how to implement them in your life
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Some issues we work with are: hypothyroidism, endometriosis, PCOS, insulin-resistance, adrenal fatigue, digestive irregularities and low-grade auto-immune illnesses
  • General health needs
  • Post-partum

We have live events in the Carolina’s and Toronto (Canada). We proudly offer incredible online courses and resources to best help you reach your goals.

Let’s chat. Starting with a consultation is the best way for us to get to know you and your needs. Email info@christinaemilywellness.com today or fill out this form.


Our Team

Christina Campbell


Christina Campbell is the owner of CE Wellness. Christina previously owned and operated a successful personal training business in Toronto, Canada for 4 years prior to her move to the Carolinas. Her passion has evolved from her education as a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. She has worked hands on with female clientele for over 7 years total and has helped them overcome stubborn weight loss, lifestyle obstacles and balance their hormones naturally. Now she has proudly and passionately created a profound team that is exceptional at their expertise.

Also apart of the CE team:

Registered Dietician (Charlotte, NC)